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Flower Child

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Peace love and flowers

flower child - noun

: a young person in the 1960s and 1970s who rejected the traditional values of society 

: a hippie who advocates love, beauty, and peace

We are advocates of Mother Earth making it easy and beautiful for you to make mindful decisions about your flowers by supporting local, environmentally-friendly  agriculture with a small carbon footprint.

Created by Gracie Cavnar, child of the 60s, best known for her dinner parties and  flair for entertaining as well as her charitable efforts to teach, empower and inspire healthy eating. 

Miss Rosebud


Our  1959  vintage Volkswagen truck is  designed  to  be a beautiful,  Instagram-worthy activity station at your  event. Our Flower Child  florists help your  guests create their own floral bouquets, which can double as party favors.  Event appearance  packages  start  at  $2,500.  Email  us  to  begin planning  for your beautiful soirée.

From our Farm to your Vase

we are urban flower farmers


Our flowers bloom at Hope Farms, a 7-acre  produce farm located just south of The Loop, within minutes of downtown Houston.

We celebrate Natural beauty


We  grow  our  native,  annual  and  perennial  flowers  in  season using  organic  methods.  Each  bouquet  is  field-picked  just  for  you.

We give back to grow more urban farmers


We  volunteer  our  time  to  teach  Hope  Farmers  in  training  how  to  integrate  floral  into  their  future  urban  agribusiness.

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flower farmer

We  are  searching  for  the  perfect leader  to  manage  our  farm.  Do  you  have  horticultural training  or  commercial  farming  experience?


Flower children

Love  to  pick  and  arrange  flowers?  Enjoy  making  people  happy? We  have  a  limited  opportunity of  paid  fall  &  spring  internships.  Hours  are generally  evenings  and  weekends.   Email  us  your  resume  and  an  appealing  cover  letter  describing  why  you‘d  like  to  join  our  team.  LINK  TO  DETAILS  &  APPLY

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Coming soon . . .consider a weekly delivery of field fresh FLOWERS

What could be lovelier than a beautiful bouquet of freshly  picked flowers  delivered weekly to your door—ready to drop into your favorite vase?  

Three  sizes  to  choose  from:

 $50   $75    $100

Flower child

Hope Farms, Houston, Texas


We are not open to the public, but happy  to  get your  email  anytime.